Happy birthday to me.

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Orcish Boy Band?

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This is Steb’s father. Not biologically but he created them in his lab. He comes from beyond the stars and is said to have 100 eyes and 100 legs.

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My Biology book confirms Half-Life 3. However it will take awhile.

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Draw a hippo person



Hippos kill 2,900 people annually in Africa.

Many experts believe that the Hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in all of Africa. Weighing up to 8,000 pounds, a Hippo can gallop 18 mph and have been known to upset boats for no reason and bite the passengers with their huge, sharp teeth. Not only that, but Hippos are aggressive, unpredictable and have no fear of humans. (oddee.com)

This hippo is yelling at a stranger who told her she was “too big” to wear that bikini. She is saying that she looks frankly fantastic in it thank you very much and the stranger should keep their opinions to themselves.

The stranger thought hippos were supposed to be docile and friendly like in the movies. The stranger does not know how much danger they are in.

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This is my oc, Steb. They’re 50% dwarf, 50% fly, and 100% heart. As in they have an enlarged heart, and pnumatised bones an account of their functioning wings.

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Fruity Fanny Packs

Get me one for my birthday

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I’m all about anime phone screenshots

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