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Posted: 4 February 2012 - 4:25 pm [Reblog this post]

my friend finally found his inuyasha cosplay

*serious* *inuyasha* *fanfiction inuyasha* *dragon ball z* *bad will* *WWE* *cosplay* *anime Milwaukee*
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  2. szasstam reblogged this from daydreamrose and added:
    I am so lucky to be going to anime Milwaukee with such a great cosplayer
  3. daydreamrose reblogged this from szasstam and added:
    best inuyasha cosplay EVER it looks exactly like him its kinda scary
  4. amiokaywiththis reblogged this from szasstam and added:
    I look so good in this. People will think I spent A ZILLION DOLLARS on this sweet cosplay of Inuwausha.


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